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Damage to your home or building’s foundation can create major problems today and in the future. If the foundation shows extensive damage, it may be unsafe to have residents or guests inside. Also, if your property has a damaged foundation, it will likely decrease in value.

Whether you’re seeing settling or cracked foundations, bowed basement walls, uneven floors, an uneven pool deck or any other damage, SR&R has a solution for you. Whether the damage is caused by changes in soil moisture content, weak native clay, or poorly compacted backfill, our team gets your home back on solid ground.

SR&R is prominent foundation repair company servicing Northern VA, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. clients with many years of foundation repair experience.

Bowing or Leaning Foundation Walls

Ground water exerts a huge amount of pressure on a home or other building. When the soil around your house, for example, becomes saturated with water from heavy rains or water leaks, the water exerts additional force against the walls.

Foundation walls can be damaged by soil pressure. In some cases, the soil’s weight is simply too great to be held back by the foundation wall. In other cases, soil with high clay content expands during wet weather, exerting additional pressure against foundation walls. Whatever the cause, there are several telltale signs of foundation wall damage.

When it’s cold, frost can put pressure on a wall and cause it to fail, especially if the basement is unheated. Frost forces can be powerful and can even lift shallow foundations up out of the ground, causing significant damage to the home.

Floor Repair

Hardwood floors are a major investment in any home or office. You want to be sure that the floor is secure and stable and stays that way for the life of the floor. SR&R has extensive experience repairing hardwood floors. Common problems that we fix include:
  • Sagging floor sections
  • Warping
  • Rotted floor joints
  • Squeaky floors
  • Buckling and/or crowning
  • Fading / discoloration
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