Basement Waterproofing Northern Virginia


Water can do major damage to a structure. Make sure your home or commercial building is impervious to the ravages of water. An SR&R designer can properly evaluate the main cause(s) of water damage and design a solution that addresses each issue. 

It seems everyone claims to be a drainage and basement waterproofing expert these days. Most are either amateurs or franchise companies with limitations, but that’s not us.

We have the experience and the expertise you need to fix any drainage, waterproofing, or foundation problem you have. We aren’t limited by lack of experience or lack of expertise. We aren’t limited by distributors, by networks, or by what we can or can’t do. We don’t have any limits!

We TRULY craft custom drainage, basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawl space solutions throughout Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. And, we craft them using patented products and the latest in building science research.

SR&R is experienced in all aspects of basement waterproofing.

We proudly serve Northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. area.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

This ensures that all water leaks in the basement are redirected to the outside and away from the house. The different components of this system are:

  • Depending on what type of water intrusion is present, we have the ability to seal interior walls with new waterproofing technologies to keep water out. Sealants are applied that create crystalline bonds to the walls and don’t allow water in.
  • Pipes and drains- these catch leaks and can be installed just under the foundation to collect any excess groundwater. All this water is channeled to a sump pit.
  • Another option for waterproofing a basement or house is an interior sump pump. Although this is not a fix, it does keep water off the floors. It is a good option if exterior excavation is not possible, and is particularly effective if the water intrusion is substantial.
  • Installation of vapor barriers: Sealing all the cracks and leaks that are allowing water into your basement

Our Basement Waterproofing Services

Re-Grading of ground surface

Planting for erosion control

French drains

Drainage swales

Infiltration/Interceptor trenches

Roof drain pipe extensions

Rain gardens

Dry wells or rain tanks

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